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XALURA...But What Does It Even Mean?

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The story behind creating the brand for my lash extension product line.

In order to properly explain the name “Xalura” I need to take you way back.

Back in 2016, I had just dropped out of med school and was looking for ways to make money. So, my mom bought me a tanning tent and spray gun and helped me build my very small (at the time) spray tanning business.

I remember sitting in the car with her brainstorming on what to call my business because we were about to file for an LLC. In fact I still have the folder that’s littered with business name ideas, some that include “Sunless in Seattle”, “Beauty Bar” “Beautifully Bare”, “Beauty Cove”.

And then finally… “Pacific Beauty Cove”.

It perfectly represented where I was located (the pacific northwest) and a Cove was where the mermaids lived, the perfectly tan, beautiful, mermaids – I’ll die on that hill that mermaids are real, don’t even try me.

My brand was inspired by the sea and the pacific northwest– hence my well-known Sailor Jerry fonts, green aesthetic, and mermaid logo. I loved it; it was so me. And still is very much my vibe!

If you don’t already know I’m riddled in fern and sea tattoos. In fact my very first tattoo was a seahorse that I got on my 18th birthday. My mom didn’t find out for a whole year, Sorry mom!

Pacific Beauty Cove carried me through a lot, like from being a poor bitch to a rich bitch. Through hundreds of clients and thousands of followers. Through thick and thin.

When I started formulating the idea to make my own product line, I knew it was going to be one of the biggest challenges and It didn’t feel appropriate to run everything under one name.

This new chapter deserved its own unique name just like Pacific Beauty Cove had. I needed something that represented that change but still have a little bit of my original concept embedded into my new journey.

After all, Pacific Beauty Cove is extremely sentimental to me.

The concept of mermaids still attracts me – yes I know, you are probably thinking it’s a little sad that a 26 year old still believes in mermaids, but hush! At least I don’t ask for the manager every time I go to a restaurant, okay! I digress, sorry where were we?

I quickly scanned to see if it was already taken by another company, and it was FOR SURE one of the most common brand names in the beauty/skin care industry. Even all the other possible spellings and variations. the beauty/skin care industry. Even all the other possible spellings and variations.

As I became increasingly frustrated, I thought, fuck it – i'll just come up with my own name so nobody else could possibly have it (que the rabbit hole!). This led me to random word generator where you could put as many words into this generator and it would pop out a ton of variations for the word combos.

Of course, the first word I put into the generator was Allure and mermaid, but honestly that combination is…. Not that pretty. It took me DAYS to come up with another word to scramble with allure, but one day I was sitting in church and an announcement for something called Oxygen Conference came on.

I honestly still don’t know what the pastor was talking about, but it got me thinking. Oxygen. That’s it! My new brand needed oxygen to ignite. Oxygen and allure. Put ‘em together and scramble them up, you get Xalure! ….. which is kinda weird so I put an “a” at the end.

Xalura was born!

I double-checked that with my lawyer and turns out we can file for trademark since no one else had anything similar to it.

I feel like the name sounds super boujee and high end (I am biased) which is the exact vibe I wanted to give off with my new product line.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my origin story, subscribe to my email list to get for the latest juicy details and to see what other people are saying about the new product line.


Stay tuned for all of the upcoming details, launch dates and exciting things coming VERY soon!


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