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Sydnee Mcgee

Eyelash Extensions
in Sumner, WA

Hey, my name is Sydnee and I'm the owner of Pacific Beauty Cove!


I started my beauty business in early 2017  at the ripe age of 20 with one goal in mind; to have a side hustle while I figured out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Turns out I'm pretty bad at the side hustle game and even worse at "finding a career". I got fired from an office job, never finished college, dropped out of med school, and I quickly grew tired of people telling me what to do. So I decided to focus on the one thing that made me happy and I jumped headfirst into the lash industry - 4 years later, I have a thriving 6 figure business!

I've been certified through Borbolleta Beauty, Lashbox LA, Eyelash Excellence, Lux Lash Society, and so many more. (I've purchased so many online courses that probably could have finished med school!)


The point is, I have acquired a ton of knowledge in this industry and I'm constantly learning new techniques to better myself, my business and my industry peers.

My obsession with the lash industry has brought me so much joy and success, and I want to share my wealth of knowledge to better our industry and the small business owners around me!  If you are looking to elevate your lash game, learn more about the one-on-one in-person lash courses I have to offer.


I also offer volume and mega volume lash extensions near the Puyallup, WA area, you can book directly online!

lash Extensions NEAR AUBURN, WA

Strip lash look/ kim k look



Learn all of the important fundamentals to classic lashing in a one-on-one setting! This is a two day course, focusing on the safe and proper application of classic lashes, identifying eye shapes, how to map out clients and more!


Learn three methods to create volume fans in a one-on-one setting! This is a two day course, focusing on the safe and proper application of volume lashes based on weight, identifying eye shapes, how to map out clients and more!


This class is for those artists who already know how to lash classic and volume, but want to ELEVATE their lash game. This course takes a deep dive into your business, new lashing techniques to attract more clients, and overall dissecting your previous work and future goals.

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to review our Cancellation Policy. Please review this before booking your appointment with Pacific Beauty Cove in Sumner, Washington.

Cancellations under 24 hours and no shows will be charged at full price. This is enforced to cover the loss of earnings from that appointment, now that I cannot fill the slot on such short notice.


Rescheduled appointments within 24 hours will also have a charge of 20% of the original service added to the new service price - this is again to cover my loss of earnings from that appointment that was allocated to you.


Please arrive on time, as you have a designated time slot. Your appointment time is more than enough to ensure you receive your treatment. Lateness will erode into your appointment time and I cannot, and will not overrun to accommodate your lateness. Your appointment will still be charged at full price.

Thank you for respecting my business. If I do not work then I do not earn, therefore it is paramount my clients understand this, and why I must strictly enforce this policy.

Cancellation Policy