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8 day challenge

Are you lost when it comes to knowing how to create direction in your sets? Maybe you didn’t have enough guidance when your first learned, or maybe you just steered away from this road and focused on perfecting other areas of lashing.


Well let me tell you, perfecting this skill is a vital part of lashing that will help you create Instagram-worthy sets. I want to help you become a better artist one step at a time. Which is why I created this 8 day challenge, for YOU to increase your skills.


Doing 1 exercise each day for 8 days is going to help you perfect your direction so that your sets will look stunning AF.


By the end of the 8 day challenge you be able to hone in on your direction and be able to place your extensions exactly how you want them to stay in your sets. You’ll figure out how to avoid gaps in your topline, how to make your spikes stand up straight and get in touch with your natural ergonomics.  


Don’t worry if your not on the same path and don’t even know what direction/angle placement is - I’ll explain everything to you in the download girlie!



Have you already completed the 8-day challenge? Then this download is for you!

(if you haven't, it's free and right up there... go do it!)


The 8-day challenge helped you dial in your direction, and this mapping practice worksheet will take it to the next level. This worksheet combines my 6 maps AND different direction variation you can expect to use in real life when working with these 6 maps.


You can use these practice maps the same way you did on the 8-day challenge by printing them out and placing a sponge on the paper, to practice. or you can use these maps and your real clients to truly see the difference!

While this download isn't free, it's SO worth the $15. Go grab your digital download now!



Are you ready to advance your lash business? As an industry professional and successful business owner, I want to share some of the knowledge I have collected over the years to potentially help you grow your lash business!

This free PDF download includes 7 pages of insight surrounding

How to Attract the RIGHT Clientele for Your Lash Business!

Attracting the right kind of clientele for your business is paramount. After all, it is who you will be spending the majority of your time with while you work.

This guide discusses all things policy and social media to help you attract the type of clients you dream of. Yes, it is possible to eliminate the bad seeds - I promise!



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