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- Lash growth cycle
- Allergies & Irritations
- Adhesives - the chemical reaction to humidity and other environmental factors.
- Types of lashes - diameters, curls, lengths, classic vs. flat,
- Weight and how it effects the health of the natural lash
- 6 Lash maps & Corrective Eye Styling
- Ananlyzing clients eye shape & features to fit custom tailor lash sets.
- Under eye Taping and upper eyelid taping techniques
- Isolation
- Primers & bonders
- Consultation with clients
- Application- Retention techniques, fast appplication, and full coverage
- Direction - how to correct the natural lash growth and have perfect direction
- Lash layers- what are they and how we can use them
- Post Application - fixing stickies, aftercare
- How to take before and after pictures and reels - apps I use to edit and how


Your kit will include products that I use on a daily basis, that I trust and consider the best quality.

- LashBox - Superhero Bond Adhesive
- Xalura - Isolation and placement Tweezers
- Xalura Acrylic Covered Lash Tile
- LashBox Primer
- Lash Spoolies
- Micro brush applicators
- Nexcare medical tape
- White Tape
- Fine Tip Mapping Marker
- Hygrometer
- Xalura lash extensions:

Classic: .15 7-15mm CC
.15 7-15mm C
.15 8-15mm D

Flat: .15  7-15mm  C
.20 7-15mm  D
.20 8-15mm  CC


Welcome to your not-so-basic classic lash course! Here you will be learning all the important fundamentals of classic lashing in a private or semi-private (You plus a friend) setting so you can learn at your own pace.

This course is for new artist who have little to zero experience lashing. No prior knowledge is required to take this course since we will cover all the fundamentals in-depth. This course will prepare you to start taking classic clients and get familiar with the verbiage used as a lash artist and familiar with the tools and techniques. By the end of the training you will have completed your first Classic Full set and know how to do it on your own for future clients.

I create an encouraging and confidence-building environment in all of my classes because I believe you are so much more capable than you think.

I walk you through everything you need to learn in order to feel confident lashing, and confident talking to your clients as well. I dont just teach you HOW to do techniques, I teach you the WHY behind all of my techniques so you can be fully equipt to handle every situation on your own.

My trainings cover the same theory and knowledge, but every class is catered to the specific student (or students, if you want to train with a friend). This is because every student learns in a different way and at a different speed.

After your 2-day classic lash training, you can expect to start taking clients right away. You will have all the knowledge and confidence to start your lash business after the training. As a former student you can always reach out to me for any questions or to join one of my mentorship programs.

After the training it is recommended to continue practicing at home - on a mannequin or real person- to ensure the muscle memory sticks, and to get better and faster at your new skillset.


Classic Course: $1,500

*$500 deposit required to reserve spot // Deposit is non-refundable





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