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will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

This is a really common question clients ask when deciding to get lash extensions. Rightfully so, because there is so much information out there on the internet and there's also a lot of myths floating around and that can become confusing when trying to find the correct answer.

I've done lashes near Sumner, Washington for close to 4 years now, and am also 3 times certified from Borboletta Beauty, Lashbox LA, and Bunny Lash Lounge. You could say I know my stuff!

So let me set the record straight for you, No eyelash extensions will NOT damage your natural lashes. but sometimes they will... Let me explain further.

When you go to a certified lash artist that has the knowledge and experience in doing lash extensions safely, your natural lashes will not be damaged by the extensions. This is because an extension is placed on an individual NL ( natural lash ) allowing that NL to live its life growing and shedding and regrowing as it normally would. your NL regrows every 30 days regardless if it has an extension on it or not. I've had many clients who I've had for 4 years and their Nls look the same as they did when I put their first full set on them. They have not been compromised in any way because I know how to safely apply the extensions.

When you go to someone who has not been properly trained you end up with extensions that are stuck to multiple NLs causing them to be ripped out as the other NLs grow and pull surrounding lashes with them. You also might get too heavy of a lash glued to your NL( yes there are multiple different diameters of extensions that equal different amounts of weight.) this can cause the NL to strain and break off prematurely. It is vital to your NL health that the right weight extension is applied, otherwise, this can damage the follicle in which your NL grows from. Unfortunately, once the follicle is damaged it will take years to grow back if not ever.

I want to address another myth that I hear a lot in the salon. I hear a lot of conversations like this "Once I took my extensions off it took so long for my natural lashes to regrow". The reason why people think this is because they have had these long, thick, and dark extensions on for so long and got used to the way it looked on their faces. Lashes create a dramatic difference, so when you take them off its another dramatic difference they aren't used to. The amount of time it took to "regrow" their lashes is just the amount of time it took for them to get used to how their natural lashes look. Don't get this confused!

Bottom line: Lash extensions are a luxury service and you need to be willing to invest your money into a reputable professional to preserve the health of your NLs. This is not the time where "cheaper is better".


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