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no "one size fits all"

Have you ever lashed a client and took the tape off only to find out the lashes looked terrible on her face?

It's happened to me before and it SUCKS! you thought you did such a good job on your placement and they looked so pretty from the top view but WHY does it look terrible with her eyes open?!

let me tell you something, it doesn't matter if you have perfect isolation, perfect placement, and perfect direction. If you cant do this one thing correctly your sets will never look as good as they ought to.

so what is this one thing that's missing??

It's called Eye Styling. and it's the process of identifying your client's eye features and shape to determine what map you need to use to accentuate her best features and hide her less desirable features. Eye Styling will help you create beautiful custom sets for your clients that will in turn boost your customer satisfaction rate. It will also eliminate the guesswork and frustration while your lashes and put you in full control of the final look. this way you know exactly how they set will turn out when your client opens her eyes.

If this is something you have been struggling with check out the "training" tab. I offer a Classic Lash course that goes in-depth on eye styling and how to identify your client's eye shape. My volume lash course also goes into depth about eye styling.

Both my Volume and Classic lash courses are private one on one trainings done in-person, so you get the most attention and help you need. I'd love to teach you all I know about lashes and the lash industry. Come take a private lash course with me in Sumner, Wa. all the details are in the "Training" tab.


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