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How do I choose the right curl for my clients?!

Three Factors to consider when choosing the Correct Curl

1. You have to consider what her eye shape is and if any of her features need “correcting”.

To achieve balance within her facial features you need to know how to identify her features correctly first before you can begin to correct features.

Such as a hooded eye or a downturned eye.

Both of these require different curls (Those are just 2 examples of many combinations).⁠

2. Consider what her Natural lashes are already doing.

Are they pointing straight down?

Or are they super curly?

Her natural lashes will play a big role in deciding what curl to use.⁠

3. Consider what the client desires.

Does she want her eyes to look opened up?

Does she want them to look long and sultry?

Both of these effects require different curls. ⁠

All of these 3 things should be taken into consideration when choosing the correct curl, even when working with strip lash or wispy effects. 🤍🤎⁠

If you struggle with finding the right curl for your client,

then let me show you how!

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