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Frequently asked questions

What are eyelash extensions?

eyelash extensions are semi-permanent extensions shaped like an individual eyelash that comes in various lengths, widths, curls, and colors. Each individual extension is then adhered to a single natural lash. The extension never touches the skin allowing your natural lashes to grow and shed like normal without any pain or pulling.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

Lash extensions should never damage your natural lashes if you go to a professional salon and work with someone who is trained and certified in this specific area. At Pacific Beauty Cove we pay close attention to the health of our client's natural lashes and never put extensions on that are too long or heavy that could potentially cause damage.

How long do they last?

your lashes will last as long as the natural lash on which the extension is placed falls out. Your natural lashes grow and shed at all different times, so for your extensions to always look there best it's important to get fills every 2-3 weeks. Your lashes shed about 3-5 natural lashes per day, you probably haven't noticed this before but you will become more aware once there is an extension attached to it. Don't worry this is all very normal and healthy! Lashes can fall out sooner than the growth cycle of the natural lash for various reasons like your daily routine, skincare routine, hygiene, your age, and genes.

What is the application procedure like?

The application process is painless and very relaxing. The first thing your artist will do is place tape on your lower lash line, this simply covers your bottom lashes to ensure we only place an extension on your top lashes. This might feel weird if it's your first time getting lashes, however, it should not poke your eye or hurt. after that, your only job as the client is to close your eyes and relax for the whole procedure while your artists applies the extensions. At Pacific Beauty Cove we have plenty of blankets to keep you warm as well as a heated massage table that is so soft and comfy! And yes, it is okay and perfectly normal to fall asleep during your appointment, don't worry we won't tell you if you were snoring or not! We do ask that you don't chew gum or wiggle a lot during your procure because we apply the extensions with medical-grade tweezers that are very sharp and we care about your safety. If you're more of a talker and not a napper, that's great! I love talking and getting to know my clients, however as us women tend to be more expressive in our faces while we talk it can cause that tape on the bottom of your lashes to ride up into your waterline leading to discomfort and watery eyes. It is also extremely difficult to place an extension on an individual lash while someone is moving their head. So feel free to enjoy a conversation, maybe just keep it a little less enthusiastic than usual.

How many extensions are applied?

I do not count how many lashes I place on each client as that would be way too meticulous. If I'm guessing I'd say about 90-150 extensions per eye. This will vary from client to client because we can only place an extension on a natural lash, so the more natural lashes you have the fuller you will be. This is the reason I charge my fills by the amount of time it takes to get my clients full. At Pacific Beauty Cove we provide many different time options so you can ensure you will always leave with full lashes.

What is the difference between Classic, Hybrid and Volume lashes?

To explain this simply, Classic lashes are one fiber placed on one natural lash. Volume lashes are a group of 3-8 extensions (usually called a volume fan) that are adhered to one natural lash, leaving the client with a fuller more fluffy look. A hybrid set is a combination of classic extensions and volume fans.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Please come to your appointment with no eye makeup on and your lashes free of any mascara or strip lash glue in them. If you are a returning client and coming back for a fill, please come with your lashed cleansed thoroughly that morning and no eye makeup. This makes it so your lash artist won't have to spend time cleansing your lashes when she could be applying new ones. Having a nice clean canvas of lashes allows you to maximize your appointment time and get the most bang for your buck.

Please also be aware that depending on your time allotment for your appointment you may have to lay down for up to 4 hours for a full set, make sure you have emptied your bladder and that you haven't consumed caffeine beforehand. Caffeine will make you jittery and it will make your lash artists' job a lot harder if you or your eyelids are twitching.

Please also be aware that my salon is not a daycare. Do not bring your kids or dogs with you to your appointment! This is not only for the safety of your child but for the safety of you. As a lash artist, we work very precisely with very sharp tools and a lot of concentration. A child resting on you, moving you, or distracting you in any way keeps the artist from doing their job the best that they can. This is a time where we want all of our clients to relax and enjoy themselves so kindly find a babysitter.

Cell phones can be another form of distraction also so we ask that you please either turn off your phone or turn your volume to silent. We want this to be as relaxing for you as possible and for you to be free of the daily stress and wake up looking beautiful!

Can I wear mascara/ makeup?

You cannot wear mascara on your lash extensions! Most mascaras have oil in them, which will break down the adhesive bond causing your lashes to fall out sooner than you want them too. It also causes your beautiful volume fans, that your artist put a lot of effort into creating, to close up and not look as fluffy anymore.

If you choose to wear mascara on your bottom lashes, that is fine but be aware that the oils from the mascara can still affect those tops lash extensions, so if your having retention issues maybe try to not use mascara on your bottom lashes for a while. Using mascara on your bottom lashes also can cause little tiny mascara flakes to migrate into your top lash extensions. This means you have to be extra thorough when cleaning your lashes because if you come into your appointment with mascara flakes, the lash artist will have to clean those out and therefore it takes away time she could have spent adding more extensions.

You may wear makeup with your lash extensions, like foundations and eye shadows and eyeliners. We highly suggest that if you use makeup daily you are cleaning your lashes daily, as the colors from your foundation and eye shadow can fall onto your lashes and cause them to look dim or less black than usual. We also highly suggest that you stay away from liquid eyeliners and opt for a pressed eyeshadow instead. a lot of liquid eyeliners contain oil in them which could lead to your lashes falling out sooner than you want them too.

As a friendly reminder please come to your appointment with clean lashes and eyelids that are free of makeup/mascara. Your lash artist will try their best to clean your lashes for you but sometimes makeup can get caked onto the lashes and that can prevent a good bond to form from the glue leading to bad retention.

How long will my appointment take?

Appointment times vary, if your coming in for a full set expect to be there anywhere from 1-4 hours. Your fills wont take near as long but at Pacific Beauty Cove we do have options for as long as 2 hours in the case that your lashes need a little bit more love. Be sure to check to Service menu to see exactly how long your desired appointment will take.

How do I care for my lashes/ make them last as long as possible?

24-48 hours after your appointment you should avoid getting your lashes wet. This means no saunas, steam rooms, crying or direct water for at least 48 hours.

After this point, your lashes are pretty much low maintenance. The less you touch them the better they will be. This is because the oils on our fingers can cause the glue to break down. Oil and lashes don't mix! so keep this in mind while doing your nightly skincare routine and while putting your makeup on in the morning. Always use oil-free makeup remover and never apply oil directly to your lashes.

You should also be cleansing your lashes with a designated eyelash cleanser that you purchased from your artist at least once a week. This will strip away any of the oils on your lashes and it will also get rid of any leftover makeup or eye boogers. I know, I know it sounds gross but dead skin and makeup can get stuck between the root of your lashes and the extensions so that's why it's important to keep up on cleaning. If you use a lot of makeup every day we suggest that you wash your lashes every night to ensure your getting every tiny makeup flake out of your lashes. We also suggest using a lint-free wand or a clean eyeshadow brush to wash your lashes with. No Q-tips or cotton balls as the little fuzzies can get stuck between your lashes.

Schedule time to get your fills between 2-3 weeks. This will ensure you always have full looking lashes.

Believe it or not, heat can damage your lashes. The tiny fibers can get singed from intense heat like ovens, campfires, smoking from a pipe, and saunas.

Be sure to avoid sleeping directly on your face as this can also cause your extensions to snag on your pillowcase and come out. If you notice one side of your lashes falling out sooner than the other- this is probably the culprit.

Can you make them look like my strip lashes?

No, they will never look exactly like falsies or strip lashes. We use lighter material to apply extensions to ensure the safety of your natural lashes. We also cannot add more extensions where you have no natural lashes - that is why every client is different and no two lashes will turn out the same.

I have a special occasion, when should I schedule my lash appointment?

Schedule your first full set 4-6 weeks before your special occasion, this way you have time to get 1 or 2 fills before you leave. This also ensures that if there is anything you want to change, like curl, length, style, we can do so before your big event. It also gives you time to get accustomed to lash extensions if you have never had them before.

If I got a fill from another salon can you fill over them still?

Yes, at Pacific Beauty Cove we do offer foreign fill (fills from another salon). If you are booking this online please select the longest time option to ensure you get the best results. Different artists use different techniques therefore if your previous artist was not up to our standards we do recommend getting a removal before you get lashes from us. Sadly there are a lot of "cheap" salons out there offering "volume" fans and they do not know how to apply them correctly. This will lead to damaged lashes and irritation, If this is the case we will need to do a full removal and advise that you give your lashes a break for several weeks to repair themselves before coming back and getting a fresh new full set.

The online schedule doesn't have an opening the day I'm available, is there an opening?

No, If my online booking system says there are no more time slots available that day then I do not have any more openings that day. I absolutely love doing lashes and because of this, I have specific times for my work ( Wednesday - Saturday 10 am till 6 pm) and the rest of the time I am with family and friends and living my own best life! Just like you, I value my time and I ask that you please respect my time as well. I am not able to "squeeze you in last minute" because I too have a life outside of work. If you need to get in for a fill, I have a list of girls I would be happy to refer you to in my area.

Do I give gratuity?

Leaving a tip is always welcomed and it lets your artist know that you love your lashes!


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