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Lash products

These are the products that I use daily in my salon to do eyelash extensions.

Nexcare tape is the best tape I've found to hold the bottom lashes, you can find it here.

the white tape that I use on my lash tile is this one

Spoolies (Lash wands) that I use are the pink sparkly ones like these, if you want multicolored ones these ones are great too. I also like the all-black ones.

Micro brushes that I use to apply primer are here

and lipstick applicator brushes can be found here, these are good for removals.

This is the Hygrometer that measures your temp and humidity

These are the magnifying glasses that I put in your kit, they are fairly cheap and usually only last me a couple of months. If you want a higher quality one you can look here or here

The lint-free pads I use to wipe off my glue nozzle come in bulk and you can get those here.

Alcohol prep pads that I use to wipe my tweezers off are these ones.

This is the fan that I have but you can also use this one.

These paper straws make for great spoolie covers when you cut them up. you can even buy fun festive ones too, like these or these.


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